New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
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Monday, April 28, 2014

An Open Letter to Governor Cuomo

The following is a letter from the Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC to Governor Cuomo. Our goal is to have at least 1,000 New York Pagans sign this form before the end of the summer.

If you are a New York resident and wish to take part in the signature action, please email us with subject line: Letter to Cuomo

Dear Governor Cuomo,

We write to you as a growing voice of thousands in New York State. We are the Pagan community, a diverse group of people whose spiritual faith emphasizes the Earth as sacred. We are laborers and office workers, stay-at-home parents, artists, musicians, and health care professionals. We are as eclectic as we are numerous but we have one thing in common: our Earth is Sacred and our Leaders must lead the revolution for clean energy. We write today to urge you to support the construction of homegrown wind power. We want the jobs the projects will bring and the clean, affordable energy it will provide. In our post-Sandy state, we are listening to the cries of our Sacred Mother. The age of fossil fuels is over. Let New York be the state that leads the national revolution to clean, sustainable power.  

We honor your commitment to solar through the NY-Sun Initiative. It is a good start, but let’s go further.  New York is one of the windiest states in the nation. Our shorelines are ripe with power, but the potential liquefied natural gas port proposed for the area would prevent that. Show your support for sustainable wind power by rejecting the construction of LNG ports in our state. These ports are terrorist targets and are disruptive to the fishing industry. Damage to even a single LNG port from another Sandy would ruin homes and businesses along our shores.  LNG Ports will damage our state’s potential by keeping us connected to dangerous, outdated energy infrastructure. Wind power is the future.

Governor Cuomo, we urge you to support New York’s land-based wind power, investing this year in offshore wind power, and reject any and all LNG port applications, such as the Port Ambrose Project. New York can be a leader once again—a national renewable energy leader.  Wind will boost our economy, cut dangerous pollution, and create jobs. LNG ports prevent this potential.    

Please stand for the future. Support wind.

With Blessings,
Members of the New York State Pagan Community

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