New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
We did it! You were part of it!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Join us for Pagan Expo 2016!

An afternoon of spring celebration with the NYC Pagan community! Expo is to include Vendors, Tarot/Psychic readers, Spring Ritual, raffle, bake sale, and fellowship. All proceeds benefit the Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC. All ages event! 
$5 donation requested at door for fundraising.

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To get involved with the Pagan Environmental Coalition, go to

Monday, September 21, 2015

Gas Pipeline Proposed Near Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant

Hey, NY-NJ residents, did you know there’s a 30"-diameter high-pressure natural gas pipeline running under Jersey City, our waterways, and Manhattan? Despite multiple community rallies against it, Spectra Energy was given permission to build this pipeline which was completed in 2014. You can read about it in this HuffPost article from May 3, 2013:

Of course, Spectra assures everyone that this pipeline is perfectly safe, but the company’s safety record is far from spotless, and their assurances came before the March 2014 explosion in Harlem where an 8" gas main leveled two buildings and killed 8 people ( The potential devastation from the rupture of a pipe more than 3 times that diameter is terrifying. As the Sane Energy Project puts it:
“Should the pipeline or vault explode on the Manhattan side of the Hudson, the potential fire radius would encompass three historic districts, including: 10 irreplaceable Landmarked buildings; 10 schools or daycare centers; 8 playgrounds, including a large playground on the pier directly adjacent to the Sanitation Pier (the entry point of the pipeline); 13 churches or religious institutions; more than 28 art and cultural centers (including the Ground Zero Museum Workshop); the Hudson River Greenway, shoreline and West Side Highway; more than 38 restaurants; countless boutiques, hotels, businesses and residences.”

Unfortunately, Spectra Energy has received clearance from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a pipeline further upstate near Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant! How can anybody think that putting miles of potentially explosive pipeline near a nuclear reactor (and near a seismic fault) is a good idea? Apparently, Spectra thinks it’s fine. Known as the Algonquin Incremental Marketing Project, or AIM for short, the project includes a 42" high-pressure line and a new compressor station built within the Indian Point site boundary. The company hopes to have it completed and in-service in November 2016. The Westchester County Board of Legislators had meetings in late May 2014 to discuss the pros and cons of having this pipeline built in their county, and expressed their worries about it being so close to Indian Point, and public comments were received until early 2015.

However, just because FERC has given their approval and Spectra has apparently started work on AIM doesn’t mean the project MUST be completed. We have the ability to change this situation and keep this dangerous pipeline from being built. Get the word out about this and help create an outcry that will stop this madness! Notify governmental representatives of your concerns, and keep the pressure on the legislators to do the right thing.

For more information on how to take action, please visit:

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Moving forward against the Port Ambrose Project......


PEC-NYC is still actively working on getting a ban on the Port Ambrose LNG project. 

We could use your help!

We have already submitted 250 signed postcards urging Cuomo to veto this project, and thanks to the funds raised at the Pagan Expo, we were able to print and purchase postage for another 250! Now, we just need your help in getting them signed and delivered to the Governor?

Do you have a group in New York State?

Do you own a store in New York State?

Do you attend gatherings, rallies, or other events at which you could gather signatures on these post cards?

If so, let us know! Email us and we'll send you a batch. They're already pre-stamped so once they're signed, they can go right into the mailbox and will be sent directly to the Governor!

Let's get this thing banned. It's great that fracking has been banned in New York State, but now let's prevent our coastline from being the launchpad to send the fracked gas abroad. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Photos from the Pagan Expo

Thank you to all who attended our first Pagan Expo--the largest fundraiser the PEC-NYC has held, to date! We raised over $1,000 to fund our efforts over the next few months. We would like to thank all of the vendors, groups, attendees, the volunteers, and the staff at the Gay Center. It was a fantastic success! Thank you to organizer Gary Suto for spearheading this endeavor and supplying these beautiful shots!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

NYC Pagan Expo! A fundraiser for the Pagan Environmental Coalition

Sunday, April 19
2:00-6:00 p.m.
The Gay, Lesbian, and Transgender Center of NYC
208 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011

An afternoon of spring celebration with the NYC Pagan community! Expo is to include Vendors, Tarot/Psychic readers, Spring Ritual, new Pagan Chant competition, raffle, and fellowship. All proceeds benefit the Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC. All ages event! 
$5 donation requested at door for fundraising.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Shaping Our Message

With the impending decision on the Port Ambrose Project breathing down the necks of NJ and NY residents, PEC-NYC came together on a bitterly cold January night to focus on shaping messages for press encounters. The session was led by Macky Alston of Auburn Theological Seminary, an institution whose mission focuses on equipping faith leaders for social justice work. It was a phenomenal experience for all!

The media training focused on several key points in building an effective media message: Defining core message, developing personal story, and illustrating key points that keep listeners and viewers engaged while also connecting it back to the core message. We also practiced how to answer tough questions and even the obnoxious questions often posed to public Pagans ("Do you worship Satan?" "Are you a Witch or a Warlock?").

The evening concluded with cake, of course! We all left in a glow, knowing our work was ever stronger. Taking time to hone message from a faith-rooted perspective is essential to getting the Good Work completed. We'd like to offer a special thank you to Macky for being with us! We feel so much more prepared to face reporters' microphones at rallies! 

P.s. have you seen our new donate button? It's live, in the upper-right corner! Help us continue to do the work that we do! 

Thursday, December 18, 2014


It has been an extremely exciting week for PEC-NYC! Between submitting hundreds of Pagan signatures to Governor Cuomo in support of wind power to the announcement of a state-wide ban on fracking, we are ecstatic! Today, we celebrate but tomorrow, we go back to work. There are pipelines to fight, an LNG port to stop, and a wind farm to build. We would like to thank all who signed, marched, rallied, and all who donated money, goods, and time to these causes. We look forward to further solidarity. We are far from finished.


On Tuesday, December 16th, the Pagan Environmental Coalition delivered hundreds of Pagan signatures gathered at Sabbats, festivals, Circles, and other events in support of off-shore wind and in opposition to LNG port construction to Richard Kaufman at NYSERDA--the so-called "Energy Czar" to Governor Cuomo.  The transcript of the petition can be found, here. 

Arriving at NYSERDA

Packet containing hundreds of pro-wind Pagan signatures

PEC-NYC signs in at NYSERDA office

PEC-NYC leaves a message for Mr. Kaufman...along with a tome of Pagan signatures

Again, thank you to all who contributed to BOTH of these incredible successes! Don't worry....we'll be around. There is SO much work left to do!