New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
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Friday, September 12, 2014

Sponsored travel to the People's Climate March!

Because of the generous support lent to our Indigogo Campaign, PEC-NYC is thrilled to announce that we are able to sponsor a select number of Pagan climate marchers via one of the climate march buses or trains!
If you are interested in sponsored travel, please take the following steps:

1.)  Go to this link and see what bus or train you would be able to take. Be sure you are able to commit to the schedule for your respective bus or train.
2.) Email us with SPONSORED TRAVEL in the subject line.
3.) In the body of the email, mention the following:
* Your name
* Where you are coming from
* The link to where we can find the bus or train you want to take
* The total cost of the bus or train fare
* A phone number or email address of where our organizer (Misha Dutka) can reach you.

Please be sure to include all of the above when applying for sponsored travel and please keep an eye/ear out for Misha to reach out to you! If any information is missing or if Misha is not able to reach you, we will not be able to help you. :( This is a first-come, first-served, while-supplies-last sort of thing and we don't have a lot of time! We regret that we cannot assist with gas money, car rentals, or other transportation.

If you are interested, please apply right away. Misha will begin contacting people as of Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you to all donors! It's also not too late if you want to chip in.
It's a little more than a week away!

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