New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
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Friday, May 9, 2014

Flower Moon Revelry and Power for Wind in New York State

Tonight at Catland Books in Flatbush, Brooklyn, guests of the Witches Compass took time during tea break and fellowship to sign the letter to Governor Cuomo in support of wind power. This brings the number of Pagan signatures to nearly 100. The Witches' Compass is a monthly event described as an interactive ritual environment and celebration. Ritual facilitators Damon Stang and Katelan Foisy step outside the standard Cast-the-Circle/Raise-the-Cone/Banish-the-Circle and create a visually stunning experience for the participants, focusing intensely on personal journey work. Witches' Compass takes place on the Friday prior to each Full Moon. This month's journey focused on the May Flower Moon, with a particular emphasis on uniting the Divine Masculine and Feminine Selves within each individual. These individuals then expressed their desire for renewal energy sources within the State of New York.
Katelan Foisy signs letter to Cuomo
If you haven't yet been to Witches' Compass, MAKE the time and go! Or just go to Catland and hang out with their new cat, Will. Either way, you'll get a chance to sign the letter as copies are available at the Catland counter.
Phillip English, one of the owners at Catland, signs the Cuomo letter. Again, show up and sign!
All right, Witches. Let's break into the triple digits this weekend. Contact us if you need a copy of the letter to bring to your Beltaine rites!

(from left) Courtney Weber of PEC-NYC, Damon Stang and Katelan Foisy of Witches' Compass with Cuomo letter

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