New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Letter Signing Kickoff....and Call Senator Schumer Today!!!!

On May 3, the Pagan Environmental Coalition of NYC kicked off its letter-to-Cuomo campaign at Brid's Closet Beltaine Festival in Cornwall, NY. 
Festival organizers Bernadette Montana and Thomas Lindemann start the Maypole dance

This letter, the goal of which is 1,000+ New York State-resident Pagan signatures before the midterm election, urges the governor to support wind-power development upstate and off-shore, and urges the rejection of LNG Port Construction in our state. The community response was strong and in a few short hours, over 80 signatures were collected.
MC Duchess Wendi urges festival-goers to "Sign! Sign! Sign!"

It was an inspiring start to the campaign! A special thanks to Bernadette Montana and the community of Brid's Closet for hosting the space and to Kanani Soleil for supplying the photographs. 

Want to get involved? Can you bring the letter to your next Pagan gathering? Drop us a line
and we'll get you set up!

Call Senator Schumer Today!!!!

Yesterday, Senator Schumer's phone lines were flooded with Pagans and other New York State residents in staunch disagreement to Senator Schumer's remarks on MSNBC that said "Most Democrats Support Fracking" and that he would support it in New York State "If performed safely." So many calls were made that Schumer aids responded with statements partially countering the Senator's earlier remarks. Make no mistake--voices will be heard.
If you didn't call, it's not too late! Whether or not you are a Democrat, do you disagree? Do you believe it's time for a green economy built on wind and solar? Check out a suggested script and list of phone numbers. If at first you get a busy signal, put the phone on speaker and do your dishes or check your email until you get through.

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