New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
We did it! You were part of it!

Thursday, December 18, 2014


It has been an extremely exciting week for PEC-NYC! Between submitting hundreds of Pagan signatures to Governor Cuomo in support of wind power to the announcement of a state-wide ban on fracking, we are ecstatic! Today, we celebrate but tomorrow, we go back to work. There are pipelines to fight, an LNG port to stop, and a wind farm to build. We would like to thank all who signed, marched, rallied, and all who donated money, goods, and time to these causes. We look forward to further solidarity. We are far from finished.


On Tuesday, December 16th, the Pagan Environmental Coalition delivered hundreds of Pagan signatures gathered at Sabbats, festivals, Circles, and other events in support of off-shore wind and in opposition to LNG port construction to Richard Kaufman at NYSERDA--the so-called "Energy Czar" to Governor Cuomo.  The transcript of the petition can be found, here. 

Arriving at NYSERDA

Packet containing hundreds of pro-wind Pagan signatures

PEC-NYC signs in at NYSERDA office

PEC-NYC leaves a message for Mr. Kaufman...along with a tome of Pagan signatures

Again, thank you to all who contributed to BOTH of these incredible successes! Don't worry....we'll be around. There is SO much work left to do!  

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