New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
We did it! You were part of it!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Rally at the Grand Hyatt plus Acting for Wind at Dark Moon Rite for Hekate!

"No LNG, No How!"
The weather is heating up, and so is the Wind-Powered action!  

Tonight, members of PEC-NYC joined individuals from Food and Water Watch, Citizens United, and a host of other eco-groups to tell Governor Cuomo (in town for a fundraising dinner) that we do NOT want Fracking in our state!

Governor Cuomo met with major donors at the Grand Hyatt Hotel near Grand Central Station...but not without hearing from the people of NYC, first!

We even met another gubernatorial candidate!

 PEC-NYC with Zephyr Teachout, potentially on the ticket for Governor of New York! (Turquoise suit jacket) She likes Witches!

More photos from the rally! 

Witches and Monks work to get people to honk for Fracking Ban

"Wind Power!" and "Windcraft!"

PEC-NYC and friends!

Dark Moon/New Moon: The Esbat to Honor Hekate saved space to sign the petition to Governor Cuomo in support of Wind Power
On the beautiful breezy afternoon this past Sunday had to offer, local Witches gathered in a quiet spot in Central Park to participate in a ritual to honor the Greek Goddess of the Crossroads, of Death, and Rebirth. The ritual was facilitated by Adrienne Lynn Manglos.
Guests of the ritual sign the letter!

HPS Adrienne has led Circles in NYC for a number of years and has recently opened a Coven in honor of Hekate. The group is open to new members who are interested in practicing Witchcraft and studying the mysteries of Hekate. Please see their Meetup group for more information!

HPS Adrienne led the group in a delicate, but powerful rite to study the Crossroads and embrace confident decision making. The afternoon included a beautiful guided meditation, which the HPS wrote herself, that helped participants view their choices with increased perspective. Tucked in a partially shaded spot where two park paths met, the group carved out a slice of Magick in a park that (as one guest called it) "is crawling with Muggles."

Sarah Bitner (left) of PEC-NYC with HPS Adrienne Manglos

HPS Adrienne with the signatures gathered at Sunday's ritual
Keep September 20-21st on your calendar and if you're not in NYC, consider taking your Mabon vacation, here! That weekend will host the People's Climate March in line with the UN Summit on Climate Change. Join us and march for eco-justice!

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