New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Summer Solstice Rites and Running for Wind

Healing Well and Fire

"We are the Sun, We are the Moon,
We are the Light, We are the Tomb,
We are the Hope, we are the Way,
We gather on the Longest Day...." 

The motion for a collective letter from the NY State Pagan community continued yesterday at Novices of the Old Ways Litha Rite at Catland in Brooklyn. Pagans and occult practitioners gathered in the early evening to honor the longest day. Technically, the Summer Solstice does not occur until next weekend (June 21/22), but the members of N.O.W. have typically avoided scheduling anything that conflicts with the annual Mermaid Parade!

The group uses the title of "Novices" not because they are composed of people new to the Craft (most of the members have at least a decade of practice), but because they believe it is only through the open-eyes of the Novice that wisdom and enlightenment can be attained. "Once we believe we are Masters, we cease to learn."  N.O.W. has cultivated Sabbat rituals, classes, and awareness-raising causes in NYC for almost seven years. Over the last few years, another branch of N.O.W. has grown in Indiana. Less a Tradition and more of a philosophy, NOWers strive to build rituals directly addressing the needs of the immediate community, with a heavy emphasis on fellowship. The June 14th ritual drew from the idea of the Healing Well to give participants the opportunity to heal themselves. The latter part of the ritual then focused energy on building strong relationships within the community. The money collected went directly to the fundraiser for Catland's garden construction.

And, of course, more signatures were collected for the letter to Cuomo! 

Ritual guests sign the letter

Novices of the Old Ways ritual leaders with letter signatures
The letter campaign is well over 100 signatures in just a few short weeks! If you would like to bring a copy to your next gathering, please email us and we'll send it along!

Congratulations to Matt Kearns who ran 100 miles in one day to support wind power in NYC! 

Read all about Matt's journey and the huge welcome-rally at Long Beach, the site of the proposed off-shore wind farm.

Together, we can make this happen.

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