New York Bans Fracking

New York Bans Fracking
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Scenes from the Grassroots--Gasland Screening in Cornwall and "Altars as Artforms" in Brooklyn

Witches Want Wind in Cornwall!
Members of the Pagan Community in Cornwall, NY gathered on Friday night at Brid's Closet to watch the documentary of "Gasland," the film exposing the risks and dangers of Fracking.

Although the film is a few years old now, its impact is still the same. A gasp moved about the room when the attendants realized their own watershed was quite in danger of being Fracked, eventually.

After the film, a discussion took place about what regular people can do about this. One thing discussed was "MANIFEST!" "BUILD!" "MAKE THINGS GREEN!" The letter to Cuomo urging the construction of Wind Power and the rejection of natural gas infrastructure (which is linked directly to fracking), including and especially the Liquified Natural Gas Port applying for permit-construction off the Coast of Long Island, was passed around and signed.

After the ritual, members of PEC-NY performed a ritual to connect with the Spirit of the Local Place, release the dependency on Fossil Fuels, and energetically charge the state to enter into pact and relationship with the Earth, instead of simply taking. 

George Courtney of PEC-NY opens the Rite
"Digging the Faery Well"
Reagan Porter of PEC-NY leads a raising for Green Energy

Thank you to Bernadette Montana and her community for hosting and engaging in such a lovely night!

"Altars as Artforms"....and Power for Wind
Jennifer June of PEC-NY brought the pro-wind letter to Cuomo to the opening of Altars as Art
Scimitar Atlar
a showing of Pagan Altars as works of Art, which can be seen at Catland Books through June 20th. The show is described as Using wall altars as inspiration "Altars as Art Forms" explores the immersive aspect of creating a sacred space, a ritual room that once you enter becomes a portal into the magical world. 

Jennifer, known as "Blue" in the NYC Pagan community, wrote about her experience at the opening, promoting the letter's signature:

For almost a month I had been anticipating Katelan Foisy's opening of the Altars As Art Forms exhibit at Catland books.  Being a toddler witch, I was very excited to see various artists very personal take on these stations of worship, but I also knew that it was a wonderful opportunity to take care of some serious business as well.  On the street team for The Pagan Environmental Coalition, I knew this would be the perfect event to get signatures on the letter to Governor Cuomo urging him to join our group in support of wind energy and reject the construction of LNG ports. I knew at the very least I would raise awareness of these possible LNG ports, and the extreme danger we face if that route is taken over homegrown wind power.     

Hindu-Influenced Altar at "Altars as Art Forms"
As I entered the venue I so often frequent, I felt as though it had been transformed into a completely new magical venue with enchanting decor.  I gradually made my way down the familiar aisle taking in every hanging spell adorning the ceiling, the drying bouquets of dried herbs and the beautiful tapestry adorning the wall behind the counter.  After no less than three kisses from Damon Stang, who is Katelan's partner in the beautifully ethereal Witches' Compass event, I passed through the portal doorway into the bewitching exhibit room.  Waltzing deosil around the room I regarded each piece purposefully until I had absorbed its charms.  The pieces ranged in styles from extremely minimalist modern altars, to gothic, to repurposed tchotchke cabinets with the Indian Guru Mata Amritanandamayi (better known as Amma the spiritual leader who travels to give healing hugs) and various Hindu influences.
After bumping into someone in the very crowded space I struck up conversation and began makingmy rounds explaining what the letter was for and collecting NY citizens signatures.  Almost every person I spoke to was enthusiastic to contribute and more than happy to oblige, even though I probably interrupted approximately ten different conversations.  

The truth is I didn't bring enough copies of the letter as I easily filled two pages in less than an hour.
Lisa Jerilene signs the letter to Governor Cuomo

However, the exhibit has a closing reception June 20th from 7pm until 10pm at Catland 987 Flushing Ave. Brooklyn, NY and I will be there with more copies of our letter to Cuomo so you can see these gorgeous pieces and urge our Governor to support wind power at the same time.
Rose Petals Decorate the Art and Sacred Space


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